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Lugo then developed the Jesuits' systematic method of legislation and you can morality but either cannot avoid the dangers from casuistry, which is often with the laxist feelings of a lot Jesuit ethical theologians

The next Jesuit which had written a profitable treatise Into Fairness and Correct is Juan de- Lugo, a canon attorneys of the degree, which went on in order to become a teacher off theology on Collegio Romano just before being composed cardinal by the Pope Urban VIII (roentgen.1623–44) into the 1643, the season following the guide of their Disputations towards Fairness and you may Correct ( Disputationes de- iustitia mais aussi iure ). 83 Having Molina and you can Lessius the guy mutual a thorough facts maybe not just various types of laws as well as their application so you're able to qualms of conscience, but he together with had a significant insight into the true performing out of lifetime, including pertaining to company and you will economic items. 84 In the Notitia iuris belgici , for example, the latest jurist Francois Zypaeus (1580–1650) in the Southern Netherlands recommends attorneys to read through Lessius managed to find the best investigation out-of financial processes used by resellers and you may bankers within Antwerp Bourse. 85 Both in reference to function and you will articles, Lugo is apparently heavily with debt so you're able to Lessius, regardless of if they are definitely not a servile imitator. 86